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1 Star vs. 5 Star Tech Products Test

– Today we see the best and the worst Amazon has to offer. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – Last month, Jeff Bezos and his wife, formerly the richest couple on the planet announced they would divorce, and just like his marriage, not all things we buy are as good as advertised. – Back in November, we tried putting out product knowledge to the test by trying to determine what was a five-star product or a one-star product from a wide range of Amazon’s products, but today we’re doing the same exercise but focusing on the weirdest tech products we could find. – It’s time for, ♪ Twinkle, twinkle Amazon stars ♪ ♪ How I wonder which has one ♪ ♪ And which has more by far ♪ Tech edition. Here’s how it’s gonna work, we will receive two different tech products. We define tech product as something that uses electrical technology. – You talking about electronics? – Yeah yeah yeah, one of them has an overwhelming amount of five-star reviews and the other product has an excessive amount of one-star reviews.

– After we thoroughly investigate, Stevie is gonna give us a three two one and we’re going to place our hand over what we believe– – Place it. – To be the one-starrer. Whoever gets the most right at the end gets to take home a product of his or her choice. – Really, we can do that? – Yes, let’s play. (twinkling music) – First up, we’ve got a smart water bottle versus a mini donut toaster. – Nice. – Which one is the one-star product? – Okay so this smart water bottle actually seems pretty cool. This thing’s $65. And it is hooked up to an app on the Google Pixel here. – What is it called? – It’s called the Hidrate Spark. Basically watch what happens as I drink this and then put the cap back on. I don’t know if it’s gonna go down as a drink unless I put the cap on.

– Okay. You need to get Big Daddy Chugs in here. Or whatever his, what’s his name? Bubba Chugs? – Badlands Chugs. – Badlands Chugs. – Now do this and look. – Nothing. (crew laughs) Okay. – 16, I’m still 16 years old. – Lookin’ like a five-starrer to me. – Hold on I wanna make sure, is there anything I should do, Chase? That’s it? – It worked last time. – It’s supposed to work. – It works sometime? Now I’m just gonna make donuts in a toaster. – Oh there it goes, there it goes, look, it just went up. – Oh the technology’s responding? – I went from 16% of my goal to 22% of my goal. It just took a second to react. – Oh gosh. – Now you’re making, who is in the market for mini donuts? – Anyone who likes using the toaster I guess.

– While you’re doing that I’ll also let you know– – Is this too much? – You can come over here– – Probably. – And hit glow. And look. Look Link, look what’s happened to my bottle. Watch my bottle. – Whoo! So it’s also a lava lamp? – It’s also fun. I think it might glow like that as a reward when you finished with your water. – So this is a silicon insert and I gotta make one more.

You know what, I’m just gonna do one. That’ll be enough, this is gonna be great. I’ll throw this in here and then I’m gonna put it down on number two, and then I’m gonna make some donuts. – I’m gonna drink some more water. – All right, let’s wait a little bit. Ope, here we go! – Hey! – It’s back up and we’re back in. Welcome to Good Mythical Morning. I hope there was a mid-roll. – (chuckles) Wow. Probably not. – Okay, so let’s see if we have a, woo that’s hot. – Oh I smell that burnt silicone. – Let’s see if we have a one-star experience or a five-star donut experience.

(crew laughs) I don’t know it’s difficult to tell. And I know what you’re thinking, user error. – User error, definitely there’s a lot of user error going on there. – But maybe it tastes great, ooh. Woo, that’s hot! – Ooh that’s good. – It tastes good. – Man that’s a five-star taste. – It really is a five-star taste. Shew, shew, shew, shew, shew. – Wow. – Okay. I’m ready to vote. – Okay. – Again we’re putting our hand over the one-star. – One-star. – Three, two, one. – It’s gotta be this. I mean, this can’t be my fault. – You are both correct. – Yes! – People don’t like it because it’s a genuine fire hazard that makes bad donuts if it works at all. – Oh. – Okay I have been validated.

But I am gonna keep this and keep working on my technique. – The taste is good though. I need some water to wash it down. (twinkling music) – Next up we’ve got an electric knife versus a fortune telling ball. Which is the one-star product? – Oh Mr. Predicto, huh? Okay, here’s a switch, lemme turn that on. (mysterious chiming) It’s working, it’s working. – The answer is no. – I haven’t asked a question, dude. Chill out. – He’s predicting, it’s Mr. Predicto. – Can I– (knife whirs) Juggle this electric knife. – Now is not the right time. (Rhett laughs) – Now is not the right time, you know what, it’s accurate. – That’s fair, you wanna ask him something? – Is Rihanna now or has she ever been aware that I exist? (crew laughs) – Seems that he’s not aware that you exist.

(mysterious chiming) – Yes. (crew laughs) – Rihanna, if you’re watching– – She’s not, man. – I’ll meet you at Fyre Fest Two. – Is Mr. Predicto hiding a deep, dark secret that would ruin him if the public found out? (mysterious chiming) – That is a likely outcome. – Oh. – Okay and this is just a typical– – Shady. – I mean my dad’ll cut a turkey with one of these and my mom will just watch him and smile. – Do this. (Rhett chuckles) (knife buzzing) – Oh! – It cuts Jell-O, but we knew that was gonna happen. – Oh goodness. (knife buzzes) Why are you severing a foot that’s already been severed? Okay, all right I’ve seen enough. I’ve seen enough. – That’s gonna take awhile. – I’m ready to vote. – Okay. – Should we vote? (mysterious chiming) – It is best not to say now. – Oh, it’s up to us. – It’s ambivalent. All right, aw shut up, okay. – The power of choice. – All right. – Three, two, one. Psh, no. It didn’t cut through the foot! – Yeah but it’s not a turkey. – The one-star product is the electric knife. – Whoa, really? – Yes! – People didn’t like it because it won’t carve turkey.

– Or feet. – It looks a lot like every one I’ve ever seen. – Nope, won’t carve turkey. (knife whirs) – I might be going back to Mr. Predicto. Gotta get it that secret. – You should. (twinkling music) – Next up we’ve got a cat laser pointer versus a LaserComb. Which is the one-star product? – Laser– – Comb. – Laser pointer. This matches my shirt, look at that. I’ll use it on my hair but first, let’s try this thing out. – So you know how the cats like to follow the little laser. – Yeah. – But you get tired– – Really smart, they’re great animals. – Oh. – Wouldn’t you say? – Look at this. – It’s laser caressing your nipple.

(crew laughs) – It actually feels like it’s scratching an itch. – There we go. – Oh get the other one. Get the other nipple. Oh. – Imagine a cat trying to, is that how you pinch cats, man? So I mean, if you got a cat, have the decency to play with it with a laser. I mean don’t do an automated. – This is perfect, I think you should let the robots raise the cat. I definitely believe in this technology. – Okay now the LaserComb Ultima 12 is a hair growth laser light device. I love this guy’s posture when combing his hair. – Yeah you gotta lean back, man. – I’m gonna try to match that so help me out. – Okay. – So I’m gonna turn this thing on and then I’m gonna, oh yeah.

Scanning myself for– – Don’t put it on your eyes. Don’t go through your, oh. – I did a little bit but okay here we go. Well he did this. Do I look like him? – What is the science behind this? – I’m frying my scalp to grow more hair. – You have to do it for eight minutes three times a week. – Feels nice. – Why can’t you do it for four minutes six times a week? – What’s the beeping? – Or two minutes 12 times a week. – It seems to be working, I mean look.

(Rhett chuckles) – Wow it made you look a lot like this guy. Is that the intended effect? Now keep in mind that thing costs $395. – What? – (chuckles) Yes. – Hold on, oh. – Quit pointing it in your freakin’ eyes, man! There’s one rule with the LaserComb. – Hi my name’s Link. I paid $400 to blind myself on the internet. – Okay, all right I feel like– – I don’t wanna comb too much ‘cause we gotta return this sucker.

Let me recharge it. Yeah, this is tough. – I believe there’s some psychology behind this one and that’s why I feel like I know what I’m voting for. – You ready to vote? – Yes. – Three, two, one. – Yeah, if people spend $400 on something, they convince themselves that it’s working. – The one-star. – I don’t think people who spend that much on stuff write reviews. – One-star goes to the LaserComb. – Oh dang it, really? – People hated it because it’s a scam that preys on insecure people whose hair loss is most often genetic and irreversible. – You know what, that’s kind of a good point. – Well I figured it didn’t work but people like to talk themselves into all kinds of things. – And it gives you a headache too when you look at it. (twinkling music) – And last but not least we’ve got a smartphone hologram versus a paranormal blacklight. Which is the one-star product? – Paranormal blacklight? – Okay so all this product is is this thing. It’s not a smartphone. – Phone not included. – So let’s dim the lights a little bit so you can see how this works.

There are like hologram videos on YouTube. You start it and then you place it right there and you look in there– – It’s a butterfly. – And you see butterfly. – Can you see that? There’s a freakin’ butterfly. – And then it’ll turn into something else. – Flying. – In a second here. ‘Cause you can make all kinds of holograms. It doesn’t have to be a butterfly. – Make Tupac. – It can also be a hummingbird! What? – Look at that. – Look he flew away.

– No he’s up there. Can you see it? We want it there. What, now what? – A fish. – Oh it is a fish. – Don’t you feel like you’re in Star Wars? – No. – I actually think this is pretty cool ‘cause it’s just this thing, $11, hours of fun. – Mine’s $12, it is the VisiGHOST for paranormal research on ghost (mumbles). So this finds evidence of paranormal activity– – Sure it is. – But I will point out, the only thing it says on it is my deal. – Oh, well what’s your deal? I find ghosts, man, that’s my deal. – Okay so I got some things I wanna test it on. First of all, Baby Secret. So you take her and then hold her right there and let’s dim the lights for the blacklight technology to take effect. – And I’m gonna pull her string as you shine her light. – Will you tell me a story? – What? – Will you tell me a story? – Will you tell me a story? – No, shut up.

All right stop. Oh, I saw a little– – You see anything? – Nothing. – No evidence? Not even a stain of Satan? (chuckles) – If a blacklight found a stain on this doll, that would be weird for a non-paranormal reason. – I think it’s kinda weird that a baby doll this old doesn’t have any stains on it. – (chuckles) Okay, let’s get the lights. Nothing there but now try this. – My wife’s favorite painting. – Creepy painting that’s been hanging around here. All right hit the lights again. I’m gonna inspect it. (dark music) (Link yells) – Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Look at that, it appears– – Oh no, what? – That the Mythical Crew– – We have got a, holy moly! – Hell is real. – Oh gosh, and we’ve got, oh, she even has, is that a goatee or a forked tongue? Oh.

– Oh, redrum. (Rhett laughs) – It works, man! This blacklight works just like a blacklight. – He is real! All right– – I mean would you pay 12 bucks just for a blacklight flashlight? That’s the question. – Well you gotta factor in the cost of the hidden ink. – Okay here we go. – Ready, three, two, one. – It’s gotta be this one, right, but I’m losing, so I’m gonna go here just to see if I can tie. – There’s no way people are picking up paranoia with this. – The one-star product is the smartphone hologram. – It worked good! What’s the complaint? – Yeah people complained because it’s small and overpriced and possibly only for babies. – It’s only $10.50. – I ain’t a baby and I had fun. I’m gonna be doing this for a long time because I guess since we tied we each get one. I’m taking this one, man. Oh I know what I want and I got it right here. Mr. Predicto, are we gonna be friends? (mysterious chiming) – No. (Rhett laughs loudly) – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing.

– You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Ricardo from Mexico City and I’m on the Technological Museum. And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Thank you Ricardo. Make sure you click the top link to watch us test Adriana Lima’s favorite Amazon product with Christine in Good Mythical More. – Ooh it’s a brain-reading device. And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Rhett and Link stickers for iMessage includes a mix of classic catch-phrases and reactions that you can share with your friends. Available now in the Apple App Store. .

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