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Shining new light on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

(Peter Mann, Strategic Infrastructure Manager, Roads and Maritime Services) Tonight we’re going to replace all the old street lights on Sydney Harbour Bridge. We’re going to exchange our 250 watt metal halide street lights with new 200 watt L.E.D. lamps. We’re expecting to get a lot of energy savings. We’re going to save about $2,000 a year with an eight year return on investment life. (Daniel Couch, Electrician, Roads and Maritime Services) To put the lights up, normally there’s a crew of two, maybe three of us. Tonight we’re working on the north approach in lane one. We normally start out shifts from about 9 o’clock to about 4 o’clock in the morning we finish.

The funding for this project came from the Office of Environment and Heritage grant. If it wasn’t for that funding, then this project would not have occured. We tend to spend our money on painting the bridge. This will definitely affect the maintenance. The maintenance that we’re doing on the L.E.D. lighting now is very minimal, as opposed to the old lighting system that we used to use. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from Roads and Maritime Services staff.

As far as the travelling public goes, I don’t think they’ve noticed any change on the bridge, which is a good thing. We don’t want to be noticed. From our end we know that that road deck is now brighter because of the LED lights, which makes it a lot safer for drivers as they cross the bridge. If an 85 year old bridge can lead innovation and technology, then there’s no excuse for other old structures not to do likewise. .

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