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Smart City / LED revolution – Explainer Video for Philips by Clipatize

Smart City is the light of the LED revolution the modern city requires intelligent solutions which are able to reduce costs limit waste and improve the productivity of urban infrastructure smart city means an attractive place to work and live it means an energy-efficient city which knows how to manage its energy and financial resources an important element of the intelligent City are street lighting control systems which use LED technology Street and public space lighting take into consideration the dynamics of the city life fluctuation in street traffic and weather conditions road accidents and other unpredictable factors depending on the needs different lighting levels are necessary to make the city safe attractive and environmentally friendly people inhabitants and visitors are the most important in the heart of each city meetings common activities the feeling of belonging to a safe and inspiring environment are fundamental for the urban fabric due to the LED revolution you will discover your city in a completely new light the future is in your hands let the people feel better in their city do you want to know more contact us smart dot city at philips dot-com you you

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