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Gaslighting: Abuse That Makes You Question Reality

It’s no big deal. Don’t be so sensitive. I didn’t say that. This is all in your head. Has anyone ever said these things to you, and, like, made you second-guess yourself? Or maybe your friend has heard this kind of stuff from their partner, or even their boss. Maybe …

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Can Screens Damage Your Eyes?

If you’re watching this video, you probably spend a lot of time around digital screens. Like right now, for example. And unless you’re watching this far in the future after we’ve had some sort of apocalypse, there are screens all around us. So of course, a lot of people are …

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Why This 3D Light Printer Is a HUGE Game Changer

By just using rays of light, this new 3D printer “sculpts” objects all at once, making it one of the first designs of its kind. This latest method coming from UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Lab is called Computed Axial Lithography, or CAL for short. It uses a newer …

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