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INTRO – Versatile and smart office light with Jilly

I saw Jilly for the first time at the Light & Building fair in Frankfurt, and I found the idea of combining a downlight with installation in track very interesting. And another thing – we’re very happy about the Bluetooth control – it’s so simple to set the different scenes …

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The LED’s Challenge to High Pressure Sodium

In my last video, we talked about the high pressure sodium lamp and its ubiquitous use in outdoor lighting. Already this type of lighting is starting to be phased out with various technologies, with new LED technology among the most common. Now, given the robust nature of the sodium lamp …

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Synchrony – The Rhythm of Music

Synchrony is everywhere fireflies synchronize their flashes the cells in your heart synchronize it’s all these rhythms you know the rhythm of your breathing your brain has rhythms going on inside it all the time that’s how you think we can actually see that in the brain and that’s what …

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Can Screens Damage Your Eyes?

If you’re watching this video, you probably spend a lot of time around digital screens. Like right now, for example. And unless you’re watching this far in the future after we’ve had some sort of apocalypse, there are screens all around us. So of course, a lot of people are …

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GE’s bizarre early attempt at a CFL

This video will be a little… different. This is a wonderfully earnest device made by General Electric, and I use the word earnest because it’s clearly a neat idea, but a far from perfect, and to be honest, weird idea. This is the GE Circlite energy saving lamp from 1991. …

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LED Experiments: Making Holiday Lights Less Garish

It’s time for things to get a little more… festive around here. Ha ha, yes! Excellent. Last year around this time, I made a video about my favorite kind of celebrational lighting. These twinkling fairy lights are a delightful sight to behold, and the effect of every fifth bulb softly …

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