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The Future of the Internet

From 4k video, to 3-D, to virtual reality and beyond, we’re in love with rich, immersive media. As content on the Internet has become more dynamic, the amount of bandwidth we consume has skyrocketed, driving innovation in delivery and storage technology. This is a look at the future of Internet …

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AI trained to control traffic

It only takes a tap on the brakes to start a traffic jam. The next person brakes and soon you have a shockwave of stop-and-go. Similarly, anyone can help prevent them. Just travel at a steady speed a safe distance from the car ahead of you and avoid braking unless …

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The LED Traffic Light and the Danger of

Well you seemed to like the jacket, so… I’ll keep it. I have a bit of a fascination with stop lights (or traffic lights, if you prefer). They boil down to remarkably simple devices, little more than indicators, but thanks to driver’s education and the magic of the human brain, …

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