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“We do it in public”: the vision behind our signature

It’s a little bit like the campfire in the sense that people have gathered since the beginning of time around campfires to tell stories and gather in communities and now that fire has changed and the technology has changed and the stories have changed but the basic human need has …

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The Future of the Internet

From 4k video, to 3-D, to virtual reality and beyond, we’re in love with rich, immersive media. As content on the Internet has become more dynamic, the amount of bandwidth we consume has skyrocketed, driving innovation in delivery and storage technology. This is a look at the future of Internet …

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Mycroft Indiegogo Introduction Video

Sarah, it’s time to wake up. The weather in Lawrence is 73 and sunny. It will be warm today with a ten percent chance of rain. Mycroft, start some coffee, will you? Mycroft, connect to Alice’s room. Alice, sweetie, it’s time to wake up. Mycroft, play the best of the …

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Top 5 Awesome Dorm Room Tech

LG sponsored us to do a couple videos Linus’ empty warehouse gaming skit with their short-throw projector was pretty cool, except he left thousands of dollars worth of equipment behind when he left. But his second idea To go with their battery powered short throw projector and have a look …

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