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“We do it in public”: the vision behind our signature

It’s a little bit like the campfire in the sense that people have gathered since the beginning of time around campfires to tell stories and gather in communities and now that fire has changed and the technology has changed and the stories have changed but the basic human need has stayed the same we do it in public it’s in a way of the through-line to all the different types of work that we do across many different mediums the wheels about the people it’s about the teens about all those people that are contributing to the project it’s so we is about a culture it’s about the way of thinking whereby everybody is working together as a team we value a variety of different inputs we take from everything around us we’re constantly able to reinvent and bring forth new creative and unique ideas we’ve been really lucky to have such an amazing variety of clients throughout the years whether they’re rock stars cities museums brands and this collaboration that we managed to create within these different projects taught us so much throughout the year that we’ve really grown through our relationship with all these great people all the experience we design here take place in different environments in different contexts with different kind of public it’s really a great opportunity for creator to be able to each time have a different canvas the risk is an essential elements placing people in a state of being allowed to being wrong and make errors it’s gonna give them the confidence to really push the limits and try new stuff and this is where innovation comes pushing the boundaries of our work doing magic hi Jackie technology’s doing lots of our Indies trying to figure out how we can bridge between cool stuff happening in other industries bringing them to our works I find the magic is the alchemy between how we deal with technology and how we customize technology to suit our own purposes we use interactivity and technology to bring people together in the same space and engaging with our content with our story we live to experience when we create experiences we’re creating a moment of people’s lives how can I make the people feel the same amount of excitement in this moment that I’m feeling now while I’m grading it it’s such an emotional feeling when you poured your heart and soul into a piece of work and then you have the crowd give that same level of magic back the emotion is at the core of all our projects and I think that’s what also defines us and differentiates us as well so it’s the combination of all these things that we really care about we think that this collaboration can create a new campfire a digital campfire and that it can foster communion and bringing people together and new ways that we can’t even imagine today and that’s why we do it in public

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